Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sex Positions for 2011. try out and enjoy

Although we aren't really sure where the name Butterfly comes from exactly, we do know that this family of sex positions allows for some of the deepest penetration available... while leaving the receiving partner fully accessible for some added manual stimulation.

  • Arch Sex Position Arch Look, here it is... for those givers with no directional sense and who need a little encouragement, a can't miss position!
  • Bridge Sex Positions Bridge A Bridge Too Far? Not for those flexible and strong enough to go out there and give it their all for their comrade.
  • Butterfly Sex Position Butterfly Beauty in its simplicity... flying isn't just for the birds - wing your way over the top with this one!
  • cradle sex position Cradle This one is so much fun you will want to take it from the Cradle to the... well, it sure would be a great way to go, wouldn't it?!
  • Cross Sex Position Cross For all you missionaries out there, you'll enjoy this one - just don't get hung up on it. :) It's soooo comfortable & gives a great view too.
  • Deep Impact Sex Position Deep Impact Here's something for the girl who wants her man on his knees, giving all he's got - but no proposal.
  • deep stick sex position Deep Stick Deep stick - it is what it says on the can... Deep! Any size, any where. Enjoy that long intimate stroke - but go slow for best effect!
  • downstroke sex position Downstroke Getting to the bottom with Downstroke. Here's something for those who love a challenge. Especially when the reward is infinitely worth the effort.
  • Launch Pad This is mission control calling all sex-tronauts. Approach target; you will have lift-off in 3-2-1… take-off! Do not abort - this is one ride too good to miss.
  • Leg Glider Sex Position Leg Glider For all you high flyers, Gliding is a great way to reach for the sky, catapulting you into the great blue yonder. Strap yourselves in for take-off.
  • Mirror of Pleasure Mirror of Pleasure Reflect on how good this position looks and feels, and you might want to see it happen again and again...
  • pirate's bounty Sex Position Pirate's Bounty You don't need to have a Treasure Chest to enjoy this one, but it doesn't hurt if you do. He'll just be grateful that you walked his plank.
  • Screw Sex Position Screw The name says it all. Gyrate those hips and be grateful that this is one thread you can't strip even if you get over-excited.